Hadrian's Wall Trek

Challenge yourself to a 27 mile adventure through history. Our trek covers the highest and more rugged sections of the wall, visiting all of the impressive Roman sites and attractions along the way. With the beautiful Northumbria National Park providing a dramatic backdrop to Hadrian’s Wall, one of the most iconic Roman sights in Europe.

Hadrian’s Wall was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Also called the Pict’s Wall or Vallum Hadriani in Latin, it was a defensive fortification in the Roman province of Britannia, which begun in ADD 122 during the reign of the emperor Hadrian.

The wall runs from Newcastle in the east, to Bowness-on-Solway in the west, some 80 Roman miles, 73 regular miles, or 117.5 KM long. Its width and height varied according to the construction materials available nearby. West of the River Irving, the wall was originally made from turf and measured 6 meters (20 feet) wide and 3.5 meters (11 feet) high. While east of the River the wall was made from stone, and at its most impressive, was 3 meters (9.8 feet) wide and 5 to 6 meters (16 to 20 feet) high.

Your registration fee will reserve you a place on the trek, with full payment due two weeks prior to departure. This includes your transport from the pick-up point in Liverpool at 18.00 on the Friday, and your return by 18.00 on Sunday. The accommodation is bunkhouse, with a cooked breakfast and packed lunch on each day, tea and coffee, guides, and paramedic cover. You may want to provide your own travel insurance, but this is optional. Also there are very few electronic payment options in this areas so it is wise to take cash. An evening meal on Saturday is not included but we will provide transport to a local pub/restaurant.