Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are sure that everyone is generally,  well aware through media channels of the impact and developments of Covid-19,  in particular on how it is directly affecting our families, travel plans and society as a whole.

With regards to this year’s Big World Trek’s adventures to Kilimanjaro and the Salkantay Inca Trail, please be assured that we will be doing our up most to protect clients and help prevent the proliferation of this virus. 

Given the present Covid-19 virus situation our leadership teams, which always include a paramedic, will be fully briefed on the extra vigilance required to ensure our client’s health and wellbeing. Working closely with our local agents we have a full knowledge of local emergency services, should they be required. 

Those clients that may be immune suppressed or in their 70’s are thought to be at greater risk by NHS England. These clients would require advice from their own GP on the suitability and risk to their health on taking part in their particular adventure.

The spread Covid-19 is continually being remodelled in an attempt to predict its development. At the moment news media is suggesting that Covid-19 will be diminishing in strength during the spring and summer months. As this year’s Big World Treks main adventures are in mid-autumn the risk from Covid-19 is thought to be significantly reduced.

Our intention is to proceed as planned with all our adventures and challenges, but with caution. Should our current plans be ill advised by NHS England, the World Health Organisation or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we will be rescheduling our adventures to a later date.
This rescheduling may have a financial implication. Should this be the case then we will work hard with our charity partners and local agents to share and minimize this effect. Should your adventure go ahead but you decide to cancel then our normal terms and conditions will apply.
Whatever difficulties Covid-19 presents us with,  I am sure that by working together we can overcome them in a safe and pragmatic way, ensuring that we all achieve our goals. As ever, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


For more information regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, latest information and best practice, please see the below links.


World Health organization

NHS 111 online